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The city of Bath is one of England’s tourist gems and has been welcoming visitors for over two millennia. This historic city has been designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and presents some of the finest architectural sights in Europe, most notably the famous Roman Baths

Theatre Royal

The beautiful theatre, which was one of the ornaments of the city of Bath, and which since its erection in 1805 has contributed so much to the reputation of the city as a place of amusement by the excellence of the dramatic representations constantly presented, was on Good Friday totally destroyed…

Museum of Costume

The Assembly Rooms house the Museum of Costume, which has one of the most prestigious and extensive collections and tells the fashion over 400 years. 18 period rooms furnished from the 17th to the 19th Century, set in beautiful gardens on the outskirts of Bath.

Bath Abbey     

Bath Abbey stands at the heart of the city of Bath; during the past twelve and a half centuries, three different churches have occupied this site:
• An Anglo-Saxon Abbey Church dating from 757, pulled down by the Norman conquerors of England soon after 1066;
• A massive Norman cathedral begun about…

Bridge & Weir      

Pulteney Bridge was designed by Robert Adam in 1770 with the inspiration from the Ponte Vecchio in Florence. It has an enclosed structure with buildings lining the street on either side. It is unique in Britain and one of only three similar structures in the world. The weir on the River Avon in…

The Royal Crescent     

Built by John Wood the Younger between 1767 to 1774, the Royal Crescent is the grandest of Baths many Georgian Crescent buildings, with magnificent views over Royal Victoria Park.

Roman Baths Museum     

Built around the natural hot springs by the Romans, the remains are remarkably complete with many interesting artifacts on display. The waters may be taken in the 18th Century Georgian Pump Rooms next door. The Pump Rooms adjoin the Roman Baths and visitors may relax in these elegant surroundings…




Thermae Bath Spa: Britain’ s original thermal spa

Thermae Bath Spa, Britain’ s only natural thermal spa, located in the historic city of Bath, offers traditional and state-of-the-art spa facilities.


Walking tours

On a guided walking tour of Bath with Fred Mawer Tours you’ll
learn about the city’s hot springs, its unique Roman heritage
and glorious Georgian architecture, and be entertained with
tales about key figures from its past such as mythical Prince
Bladud and Beau Nash, the colourful Master of Ceremonies.
Fred Mawer Tours of Bath